Something altered in me when I heard Rigsby scream, "Grace!", in the preview for next week's episode of "The Mentalist" on CBS. I didn't want to be that right. It definitely implied that Red John was killing people Jane cared about, specifically Grace. So...I don't know, I don't feel like going full-speed ahead anymore.

Though I think Grace will be fine. Maybe I haven't been clear about something. Symbols like this are played out on many levels, and always given a way out. There is the literal meaning, which everyone sees, and the hidden implied connection to Caesar, which is shown, then ERASED. I hope people don't think I'm some idiot who doesn't see the literal, end meaning. I do. But using hidden and temporary or part-symbols is the only way these monsters can get us watching shows about sick people with no redeeming qualities. I've stopped posting on fan sites, because they love the show so much it just broke my heart. I feel sick to be telling them, It's about incest! And Jesus being a fake!

Here are the most obvious "Caesar family" clues in episode 2 of season 3:

His brother-in-law was his "bro", and angry that Jane took his sister away (so Jane's wife was Jane and bro's sister, and they both had her as a lover, like Gaius and Lucius Caesar, and their mother/sister Julia.) Jane caused her death, as Lucius caused Julia's death, by angering their father, Julius Caesar/Alex Jane/Red John.

Jane's wife's "grandparents were carny royalty", and his bro-in-law had a child act just like Jane's. Again, they're all one family.

K-RAM industries, with a pyramid logo. Ram and Mars connect to the Atlan Ros culture that moved from Atlantis to Egypt. By adding K, it becomes "MARK" backwards. Marcus Agrippa and Mark Anthony are maybe the same man, and may have been a domineering violent husband that Julia killed to escape from while in Egypt as Cleopatra (hence the pyramid.) Then she returned single to Rome, but was banished to Britain for fear of her having another heir. That would have been the reason behind Jane knowing Dublin was a "sleazeball" and giving that speech to Marjory in the office tower in the season premiere - Lucius telling his mother once they're both in Britain, and she's missing dead Marcus, it's a blessing your abusive boss (husband) is dead, he was no good, you deserve to be loved. She'd worked for him for ten years, same as Julia was under Mark's control in Egypt? He adopted Caesarian.... Also, look how similar Mark is to Mary. Sheez! I guessed last year that "Mary" was copied after Mariamne, King Herod's Jewish teenaged princess bride. But Herod was an Agrippa, like Mark, so...Did Caesar let his cousin King Herod marry a 13-year-old Julia? Mariamne means "rebellion" or "prostitute"! Anyway, the sicker thing is that Jane, with Marjory, was saying, he was bad for you Mom, let me be your lover. In erasable symbols, of course. But did Marcus really mean Marius, or "of Mary"? That would put Julia in on the xmas con for sure. In the pilot episode, the gay doctor got me guessing about Mark Anthony/Agrippa, too.

Jane standing guilty at crime scene. This is SO clearly saying Lucius Caesar WAS a killer, even though Christianity later portrayed him as a saint. That's why the whole family are con-artist carnies on The Mentalist, but royalty too. And why Jane's "changed", telling his brother about love. See? Bye-bye, murderous Rome, hello loving Christians.

Landon Wale, the victim. Caesar family has claimed LAND ON the region of WALEs. Along with Dublin in last episode. Coincidence? Next episode is about BRIT Stiles?

Red ruby, symbol of red-skinned ancestors, crystals of Atlantis, pure blood combined with wealth.

Landon family - brother and sister in the same business, real estate (stealing land of Europe), like Lucius and Julia. Gold Aphrodite means that wealth, con-artist schemes, and love/sex is reason for the murder which Jane is guilty of, also shown when brother is turned over to Caesar-like cop - Julia and Lucius fled to France, leaving brother Gaius dead. This brother/Gaius, had dark hair, and a strong jaw, like Rigsby, and was less smart or cunning or wise than Lucius. He is usually taller, appeared so near end of episode.

Jane is friends with a "giant" man and an African-American woman. Symbol of Lucius knowing his way around North Africa, Egypt, Mauritania, and the land of Giants, Native Scandinavians.

Lisbon (Julia) with elephant. It's a symbol for Caesar himself. She's feeding him apples and playing with its trunk, both sexual symbols.

Final reason for murder - sexual jealousy of spouse. Interesting the wife has short hair, thus more mannish, thus she's Caesar killing Julia over sexual jealousy. Meaningful twist is that jealous spouse misunderstood - Hey, it was just for the con, Dad! Me and Julia had a kid so our incestuous bloodline could be worshiped in church every Sunday in your name!

Oh, that Bruno Heller, always a point to make.

About next week's episode:

I noticed fans on a site were calling him Brett Stiles, the religious con guy. But it's Brit Stiles, as a stile is a set of steps going over a stone wall, thus Caesar was the one who overcame the obstacles in Britain. Now it looks like he's got inside info on Red John. This show is forever letting people who ARE symbolically the same person, know about each other. I wonder if Brett Partridge will turn out to be Brit Stiles' son. Remember, he's Octavius to a Caesar character, either Red John, Alex Jane, or Brit Stiles.

(I forgot to mention that in the episode two weeks ago, the Julia-girl character, Jane's daughter symbolically or the Holy Grail, was named Nadine Russo. Intan Russ, or the Atlan Ros. In the second episode, Jane's wife and her brother's last name - Ruskin, or Kin of the Ros.)

The preview shows Kristina tied up in some sick way. (Reminds me of Prince Poppycock and Julia strung from the ceiling on AGT.). Was she tied up in the tower? Interesting how fans hate Kristina, and want him with Lisbon so bad. Kristina is Julia arguing with Jane to convince him to try promoting Christianity, to believe it will work. Now that I'm over the shock of the Jesus-con, it IS an interesting story, to think of the changes Lucius went through.

Maybe they get right through the Christian timeline in some episodes. So Kristina tortured is Christianity during the crusades, the Spanish inquisition and so on? How does it end? WAIT, I forgot that the Romans tortured and massacred the early Christians for the first 300 years or so, then converted. That must be the symbolism of Jane's guilt over getting Kristians hurt. He started it! Well, good news for Lisbon fans, the same group is planning to take down Christianity soon, so Kristina could die, l guess. If she just converts to protestantism, she gets to be rich and liberal.

Because she is representing Jane's/Lucius' challenge to switch from being a Roman assassin/con artist, to a Christian preacher who really believes in love and, well, belief, I guess she will just be a temporary character, not the end-wife for Jane I predicted.. He's already told his brother to believe in love, so who knows. This show is a tangle of bad and worse and twenty million timelines.

Here's a prediction from before the season three shows started:

"I don't know how far the show will go with a direct metaphor for Julia exiled in a tower in Britain and Lucius visiting her to comfort her unhappiness, but it famously results in the pregnancy I'm predicting for Grace, and Julius Caesar's murderous rampage. Near the end of the pregnancy, Red John will injure, attack, kill, or appear to kill Grace."

This sounds like Jane finding Kristina in some weird isolated place next episode, where I'm sure he'll comfort her. Oh! And of course Red John will have left her with no memory or a memory-related insanity of some kind, like Caesar did to Julia. That was just on "Brothers and Sisters", and "Resident Evil". Ick, will Red John have gotten her pregnant too? As Alex is Jane's father, it would be almost the same as Jane/Lucius doing it, but symbolically would refer back to Caesar getting Julia pregnant with two sons as a teen.

Sick show. I'll never convince the fans, and I don't want to try anymore.